“I have not yet found a more thorough and extensive workshop

about women during this sacred transformation.”

Janessa Mondestin, New York


After a few years of taking care of our Mamas (baby in utero) we are expanding Maha Mama to yoga for Mama and Baby. Together. Join us for a weekend filled with an exploration of mama in her new caretaker role and how to best support the bond during this sweet time.


April 14 - 15, 2018

9am to 5pm

OmFactory, 265 W 37th St @ 8th Ave, 17th Fl

425 today 450 after 3/1 EXTENDED TO 4/1

25 off for Maha Mama teachers

Lead Teachers: Kathryn Ulrich & Krissy Shields

For more info email mahamamayoga@gmail.com



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This comprehensive training will cover:

  • Postures for Reintegration
  • Birth Recovery (Vaginal and Cesarean)
  • Restoration & Relaxation
  • Poses for Nursing
  • Baby Blues vs. Postpartum Depression
  • Infant Developmental Stages
  • Tummy Time & Sleep
  • Bonding, Songs & Rhythm
  • Infant Massage