"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." 

Helen Keller


I am a mama first and foremost. I will cheer on your triumphs, wins, giggles, successes and I will most likely relate to the late night cravings, runny noses, shift of purpose, forgetting self care, confusing of what to feed, doubts, fears and insecurities. I am your advocate and will guide you to a truer and more authentic self. I want you to feel amazing juggling all that you do. I want you to love yourself while having fun with your kids. I want to lift all mamas to their power, to find their voice and to use it!

  • Are you living in NYC as a new mom?
  • Does your family live somewhere else?
  • Do you feel lonely and isolated?
  • Do you have visions of yourself living at peace and ease but you cannot seem to get there?
  • Feeling disconnected from your body?
  • Would you like to have a person to count on for your doubts and confusions?


"Krissy's nurturing demeanor was exactly the reassurance I needed."

Linda Gillum, Illinois


As a mama of two spunky girls raised in Hell’s Kitchen, I was that mom. Lonely. Isolated from my family. Unsure. Lost. Cut off. Often stuck. I didn’t know my place in the world. I was forever changed and didn’t completely identify to whom I once was.

Here is the thing, there is no one answer or fix for everyone. I will help you find a way to your purpose and joy again.

It happened after my first child was born. I was depleted and my husband’s work made it difficult for me to build community from all the travel. After my second child was born, I felt so much shame around the fact that I only wanted to care for the new one. The older one was in the way of me falling in love. My shame turned to guilt and inevitably I turned on myself and depression snuck in.

It takes work -- hard work -- to balance it all. Starting a family has a huge impact on your career and finances. On your relationship with your partner (if you have one) and friends. We define "career" as being a stay-at-home mom, self-employed, or a full/part-time employee. Let's be real - it's all work. I will offer the space to think about what career choices make sense for your short term and long term goals. Additionally, you will be introduced to self care tips that help you maintain equilibrium and ensure that you continue to grow (personally and professionally) during this significant life event.

Maha Mama Mentoring is and has been divinely inspired to serve the mother in the early stages of parenting.

I will show you some secrets I learned that unlocked my self compassion and ability to be kind to yourself and enjoy this role as a mama.

Through Maha Mama Mentoring, you will…

  • Feel re-energized and more able to handle life as a new mother
  • Have personalized tips to focus on yourself, connect with the other parts of you and expand your identity to include more than just “mom” again
  • Have an understanding of being mindful as a parent and woman
  • Have a personalized action plan to help you continue your mama and self discovery journey
  • Have a list of personalized resources and coping skills to get through any tantrum (yours or theirs)


In older cultures and communities these familial support groups helped guide and nurture newer generations of families. Today in New York City, many parents and families living here are transplants from the rest of the country and world and do not live near their families.

We will offer resources and emotional guidance from pregnancy (or fertility) to parenting, no matter the way you choose or are chosen. We also offer self-care routines including yoga, mindfulness, nutrition and many other empowering tools with the science of positive psychology. We can demystify fears. We combat those sleepless nights and help lift the cycles of shame. We will listen, gather and bring together communities.

Please contact mahamama108@gmail.com for more information.


“Working with Krissy has been indispensable for me as a mother.”

Caroline, New York