Jesal Parikh

New York

"My biggest takeaway from the Maha Mama training... feminism."


Steph Linn           

New York

"I cannot tell you how honored and more empowered I feel as a teacher and woman from this training."


"This training has been so thought provoking and positive, it is very empowering."


Lindsey Case Tully  

New York


Janessa Mondestin

New York

“I have not yet found a more thorough and extensive workshop about women during this sacred transformation.”


Julie Sutera Adamo

New York

"I am ever so grateful for the role Maha Mama played in my birth experience and would highly recommend Krissy and the Maha Mama training."


Nicoli Sinclair


"I fell in love with her teaching style and her love for yoga, especially prenatal yoga."


Mary Karr               

New York


"Krissy Shields opened up the soul of yoga to me. After 20 years of practice, I can attest she's the most talented teacher I have ever had--spiritual without being woo-woo, skilled without being a drill sergeant, smart without being pedantic."


Leslie Majzlin 

New York

"Her hands on ability to adapt her teaching to every kind of body at any level combined with her deep physical and spiritual awareness of the changing body, infuses a unique light in every session."


Tess Ball    


"She offers a world's worth of wisdom through a filter of compassion and humility. The joy she embodies when talking about the miracle of human life is beautiful to watch and utterly contagious."


Linda Gillum      


"Krissy's nurturing demeanor was exactly the reassurance I needed."



Lana El-Khalil 


"I honestly believe my baby absorbed the positive, empowering, and peaceful energy that flowed through me every time I had a session with Krissy. It’s important to note, that he is peaceful, but not passive. He’s strong willed - a warrior. Traits that coincidentally I would use to describe Krissy!"