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Kathryn Ulrich

Kathryn Ulrich is a movement and healing arts specialist with more than 20 years of professional teaching experience and expertise.

She has always been an advocate for women and children. Her feminist mother was a Mount Holyoke graduate, a Peace Corps volunteer in 1965, an assistant U.S. Attorney at a time when women were joining the work force, and a Girl Scout leader. Being raised by this woman, sparked a flame to help educate, support, and empower other women. Kathryn has always loved children. While a dance major at the University of Minnesota she worked at the U of M Child Care Center and learned the respectful methods of Dr. Emmi Pikler and Magda Gerber. While here, she was also introduced to yoga.

In 1998 Kathryn moved to NYC to pursue a professional dance career. While she did grace the stage at Lincoln Center, she also found her way into teaching developmental movement and music to children – a perfect fusion of her love of movement and dance with her love and respect for children. She has taught thousands of children in New York schools including, Rockefeller University Child and Family Center, Kaplan Nursery School, Madison Playgroup,

Roosevelt Island Day Nursery, and Basic Trust.

Her yoga practice continued to grow and by 2003 she taught at Next Generation Yoga, the first ever studio dedicated solely to children and families. She has taught yoga to children and adults at various studios and schools including, ExhaleSpa, Omfactory, Rockefeller University, Allen-Stevenson School, and Beit Rabban.

Professional trainings include …

  • 200 hr. Yoga Certification from Sankalpah College of Yoga
  • Radiant Child Yoga Certification
  • Next Generation Yoga Certification
  • Brain Gym
  • Bal-A- Vis-X (Balance Auditory Vision Exercise) training
  • Anatomy Studies For Yoga Teachers (ASFYT) with Jason Brown
  • Yoga Nidra with Glenn Black at Omega Institute
  • Human Movement with Glenn Black at Omega Institute
  • AcroYoga Teacher Training
  • ZenThai Shiatsu training with Gwyn Williams

Kathryn enjoys guiding others to experience the benefits of the mind/body connection through the moving meditation, and has been featured in New York Magazine and on the Martha Stewart Show.

Becoming a mother in 2014 gave her a new perspective on the unique roll of “mother” in our society. Her goal is to “heal the mother, heal the world”.