Krissy Shields

Advocate for women and children's rights



To be totally transparent, I would rather talk about my kids than me any day. Here is something that is not a secret, I am a passionate mama. Here’s a secret, I love it and hate it at times too. Some days, I have felt totally vital and of complete service but I have also felt drained and lost in my role as a mama and a teacher. It is a balancing act. A daily check in of where am I? How am I? What can I do to set myself in alignment to what matters most, each day. That is the key. Each day offers us something new.

My path to this was simple and, naturally, messy. I immersed myself in the practice of yoga after finally letting go of years of destructive behaviors. Yoga lifted me physically, mentally and spiritually to another playing field. My first yoga training just cut the surface. There was a shift but it was gradual. Holding poses strengthened me, breathing deeper and slower calmed me, and a daily practice built my confidence. Then I became a mom.

I didn’t know my place in the world. I was forever changed and didn’t completely identify to whom I once was. Lonely. Isolated from my family. Unsure. Lost. Cut off. Often stuck. My yoga practice and meeting with like minds became an anchor.

Approaching parenting and yoga is the same for me, I am real. I will cheer on your triumphs, wins, giggles, successes and I will most likely relate to the late night cravings, runny noses, shift of purpose, forgetting self care, confusion of what to feed, doubts, fears and insecurities. I am your advocate and will guide you to a truer and more authentic self. I want you to feel amazing juggling all that you do. I want you to love yourself while having fun with your kids or those around you. I want to lift all women to their power, to find their voice and to use it!

It takes work to balance it all. Starting a family has a huge impact on your career and finances. On your relationship with your partner (if you have one) and friends. By "career" I mean a stay-at-home mom, self-employed, or a full/part-time employee. Let's be real - it's all work. And who has time for self care? I saw that need, but had such a tough time making it happen. I wasn’t taking such good care of myself in the beginning. I would lose track often and then come back.

As a mama of two spunky girls raised in Hell’s Kitchen, I will show you some secrets I learned that unlocked my self compassion and brought me ease in my home. You will have a newfound zest and appreciation for your family and what it takes to run the day to day. Self care will be like drinking water, a necessity. I will empower you and your family with practical knowledge and techniques, coupled with my hands-on, real-world successes…and failures.

I completed Dharma Mittra’s 300 yoga training after studying and teaching at Sonic Yoga for many years. With my passion for the perinatal period, I went on to complete A Khalsa Way prenatal training with Gurmukh and trained as a birth doula with Debra Bonaro-Pascali and Penny Simkin. I am certified in Positive Psychology with The Flourishing Center and trained with Mindful Schools and directly with Dr Stephen Cowan who created Tournesol Kids to provide mindfulness in my neighborhood. I’m a Holistic Health Coach through Inner Harmony. I have been teaching yoga teachers for 10 years in various 200 and 300 hour teacher trainings around the US. Plus a resident teacher for the Good Life Project camp. It's my honor to pass on the wisdom of my teachers to you.


"Krissy Shields opened up the soul of yoga to me. After 20 years of

practice, I can attest she's the most talented teacher I have ever

had--spiritual without being woo-woo, skilled without being

a drill sergeant, smart without being pedantic."

Mary Karr, New York