"I fell in love with her teaching style and her love for yoga,

especially prenatal yoga."

Nicoli Rena Sinclair, Pennsylvania



DONATION** Women’s Yoga Classes Sun @1p starting Aug 11 @Athleta

A Women Only Class: The Trimesters of Becoming

Whether we are transitioning to womanhood, motherhood or to a wise woman, our need for a practice that is about lifting up all identifying women is essential. The practice of yoga join the physical (asana) and the mental (mantra and meditation) to offer you a refreshing and vital hour within. This class is geared for women honoring the constant shifts we go through, especially the three major ones of mother, maiden and crone. No matter the stage, you are welcome here.

DONATION** Mommy & Baby Classes Sun @ 2:15 starting Sep 15th @Athleta

A postpartum class for mothers with babies from 6 weeks to walkers. A wonderful transition from the pre-natal class, this class will allow you to connect with your baby and put the oxygen mask on you with meditation, stretching and strengthening back into vitality. We will pay special attention to post-pregnancy recovery no matter your birth experience. Most importantly, Mommy and Baby classes are a great way for mothers to connect with other empowered women.

All classes at Athleta Studio -- 18th & 5th in Manhattan

**Your donation goes directly to a yoga class with Ancient Song Doula Services who focuses on community, advocacy, reproductive/birth justice and education to tackle some of the issues effecting communities of color.

email mahamama108@gmail.com to check status of the classes



For parties, privates or small group classes please contact mahamama108@gmail.com.


"Her hands on ability to adapt her teaching to every kind of body

at any level combined with her deep physical and spiritual awareness

of the changing body, infuses a unique light in every session."

Leslie Majzlin, New York