"I cannot tell you how honored and more empowered I feel as

a teacher and woman from this training."

Steph Linn, New York


Maha Mama is a comprehensive prenatal yoga teacher training. Designed for yoga teachers, healthcare workers, doulas, moms-to-be, social workers, and more, Maha Mama was created for the great need of serving the great mama through all stages of pregnancy and into motherhood. Women are wildly powerful but need educated support during this transition, which is why the experts that join Krissy offer a full scope of the perinatal period. You will be equipped with both an anatomical understanding and spiritual appreciation to offer an intelligent, heart filled practice for a class of all trimesters, privates in all stages and the one pregnant woman in your regular yoga class. Plus tips to ease common issues, resources and so much more. 




Pre Natal Core Curriculum taught by Krissy and these Maha Mamas.

  • Postures (asana)

  • Modifications for each trimester

  • Creating a class for all trimesters

  • How to guide the one pregnant woman in your regular yoga class

  • Pregnancy & laboring anatomy & physiology

  • Repetition of sound (mantra)

  • Song & the power of sound vibration

  • Meditations

  • Cultural misconceptions

  • Roles of a partner, doula, midwife, ob, lactation consultant, et al

  • How to include your partner

  • Prenatal & postnatal nutrition & vitamins

  • Common interventions

  • Understanding common pregnancy issues & aiding comfort

  • Empowering women with their choices

  • Conscious conceiving & laboring

  • Natural & synthetic hormones

  • Progression of labor

  • Postnatal care of both mama & baby

  • Pelvic floor care & repair

  • Supporting intuition & all choices

  • Bonding, breastfeeding & nurturing a newborn

  • Importance of community in all stages

  • Social and reproductive justice

  • Inclusivity & spiritual bypassing

  • Loss & healing

  • Rituals & Blessings

  • Radical Self Care